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Emotional Coaching

Our Emotion Coaching group uses the Gottman Institute's Emotion Coaching curriculum to teach parents the importance of having an emotional connection with their children. It provides guidance on how to recognize and connect with children on an emotional level to improve the parent child relationship. It also teaches parents how to identify, recognize, and regulate their own emotions.


Everyone experiences emotions in different ways. The Kimochis® Program is designed to teach both children and adults how to identify and process emotions, create positive interactions, make good choices, and effectively resolve conflicts. Kimochis means “feelings” in Japanese, and the Kimochis® Program explains that feelings fuel behavior by using the Kimochis® Feelings, Characters, Kotowazas, and Keys. By helping clients connect their feelings to resulting behaviors, we empower individuals to develop valuable coping and interpersonal skills.

Services We Offer:

Offering a wide range of behavioral health services:

Our Services

  • Individual Therapy

  • Brief Intervention Therapy

  • Recovery Peer Support

  • Case Management

  • Medication Management

  • Supportive Housing 

  • Supported Employment

  • Substance Use Disorders

Our services and programs are designed to allow us to meet our patients where they are, physically and mentally. In collaboration with the Community House on Broadway, our clinicians and peer counselors are able to offer services to the homeless population in Cowlitz County to guide them as they recover.